Banks in Cambodia: High interest rates on deposits in microcredit that can go from 4% to 10% per annum

Mekong Bank

For companies doing business in Cambodia, banks offer high interest rates on deposits tied to microcredit, which can range from 4% to 10% annual net (after deducting taxes) on short and medium-term deposits (3-6 -12 months). Often the Microcredit is confused with the small loan that is granted in Europe and in the rest of […]

Singapore – The Regional Headquarters Of Major MNCs

Businesses of all sizes, belonging to various trades and hailing from all corners of the globe, have long viewed Singapore as the preferred place in which to locate their Asia Pacific operations. For years, the country has attracted the attention of business owners who look for political stability, easy access to a highly-skilled labour pool […]

Why Should You Consider Incorporating A Company In Singapore?

Incorporating a business in business friendly Singapore

Singapore has always maintained its envied position in global trade, with many MNCs setting up a base in the Asia/Pacific by incorporating a company in Singapore. In the 19th century, following Sir Stamford Raffles’ founding of Singapore and the subsequent transfer of control to the East India Company, Singapore was made a hub for entrepot […]