Doing Business In Cambodia: What You Need To Know

Venturing overseas to open new markets is exciting but it can also be filled with uncertainties. Cambodia is a fast-growing economy that offers abundant opportunities, but there are things that business owners need to look out for. This is especially important if they are expanding overseas for the first time. Among others, they need to […]

The Different Work Passes In Singapore

Singapore attracts companies from all over the world to set up shop on its shores. Inevitably, the nation sees experienced professionals continually arriving and add value to its economy. Concurrently, the service industry grows to support these companies and professionals. With people of all levels of skills arriving in Singapore, there has to be a […]

Virtual Offices – The Preferred Route For Startups

The desire to be one’s own boss. Financial freedom. The urge to pursue one’s passion. Whatever the motivation, more people are turning to entrepreneurship than before. According to figures from the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), between 4,661 and 6,369 business entities were set up every month between January and June 2016. While getting […]